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Print Khafeef: The Lightest Frying Oil & Areej Frying Oil: Palmolein Blend
Product Features - Khafeef: The Lightest Frying Oil
  • Packed in a revolutionary and attractive bottle.
  • Unique golden cap.
  • Naturally extracted from Corn & Palm Fruit.
Product Configuration - Khafeef: The Lightest Frying Oil

Product Features - Areej Frying Oil: Palmolein Blend
  • Enriched with vitamins A & D.
  • Available in a clear transparent bottles.
  • Ideal for deep frying.
Product Configuration - Areej Frying Oil: Palmolein Blend

A revolutionary concept, launched for the first time in the GCC

Areej Vegetable Oils & Derivatives (AVOD) launches a revolutionary product innovation - KHAFEEF - the lightest frying oil in the GCC. This high quality oil with its attractive packaging promises to be light in taste, light for digestion and light for health.

It all started with consumer research and evaluation of different oils in actual frying tests conducted with breaded chicken fillet. It was concluded that no single oil fulfilled all consumer expectations in terms of crisp frying, reuse, lightness, and health; however a blend of corn oil and super palmolein seemed to be the most promising option. "It took a few years for AVOD to develop the technology internally. An investment of RO4 million in plant and packaging machinery was further made to deliver the new technology required. The finished product, KHAFEEF, packaged in a beautiful PET bottle, is all set to revolutionise the market," says Prem Maker, Executive Director, AVOD.

Dr. Wafaa Hilmi Ayesh, Head of Clinical Nutrition, Rashid Hospital, UAE, spoke on the health aspects of KHAFEEF during frying. She explains, "KHAFEEF contains more anti-oxidants and Vitamin E than any other frying oil. It remains stable during frying and cooking, does not become thick and sticky (polymerized) when heated, nor releases solvents like hexane, and most importantly does not contain trans-fatty acids which are harmful to the body."

Eng. Salem Al Bortmany, DGM, AVOD, spoke at length about the benefits of the oil as well as the pricing strategy in Oman, while offering insights on the brand value chain from innovation to service cycles. Eng Salem states, "KHAFEEF has been positioned at a very reasonable price compared to branded edible oils in the market. With current high prices for both corn and sunflower oil, KHAFEEF will help bring down prices by lowering the cost per litre to consumers."

AVOD's marketing activities will be spread across various media channels such as TV, cinema, press, radio, outdoor and point of sale to further strengthen its brand value in Oman. Khafeef will also be launched in UAE, Saudi, Kuwait and Iraq soon.

A promotional pack of 500ml will be on offer with every two 1.5ltr pack. So what are you waiting for? Head to your favourite store and pick up a bottle of KHAFEEF today! Truly deliciously lightest...