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Vision Statement

"All win; we strive to keep all stakeholders, via; our shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and banks delighted and satisfied with the company".

Return to all Stakeholders

  • Lower product costs
  • Quicker order-to-delivery
  • Return on investment
  • Higher share values
  • Increase shift allowance
  • Increase House Rent allowance
  • Annual increments based on PRP
  • Annual bonus based on company's performance
  • Quicker discharge of oils
  • Eliminate demurrage
  • Prompt payment
  • Commitment to all orders
  • Payment loans on time
  • Fulfilled financial obligation and commitment
  • Lower risk through improved net worth

Critical Economic Indicators

  • Improved net profit RO/MT
  • Lower working capital / turn over ratios
  • Reduced overheads RO/MT

Mission Statement

"To be the most cost-effective manufacturer of vegetable oils, fats, margarine, butter, mayonnaise and dressings in the GCC; through product innovation, utilization of modern technology and upgrading human resource skills and operating systems".

Utilization of Modern Technology

  • Automation & Mechanization high speed packing lines.
  • Automation of handle fixing machines.
  • Implement SAP ERP System.
  • Upgraded WHMS
  • Distribution Satellite Tracking System

Upgrading Human Resource Skills and Operation System

  • Implement Business Intelligence as MIS
  • Implement HR appraisal model
  • Identify KRA and KPI of each function
  • Awareness of international standards in terms of FSMS, EMS, QMS.

Core Values

Ownership :

Individual ability and willingness to align his or her own behaviour with the needs, priorities and goals of the organization, act in a way that promote organizational goals.

Customer Service Orientation :

A commitment to help and serve all stakeholders to meet our needs.

Innovation :

Willingness to try new ways of working and turn ideas into actions.

Teamwork :

We have a genuine intention to work co-operatively with others.

Integrity :

Maintain transparency in our business dealings.

Value Addition and Cost Effectiveness :

Ability to plan, manage and continuously improve current processes.

Accountability :

Individual's ability and willingness to align his or her own behaviour with the needs, priorities and goals of our organization.

Compliance :

Accurately meeting the regulatory requirements (internal and external regulations)