Corporate Social Responsibility

AVOD strongly committed to serve and operate to the society in different ways.
A variety of activities in different sectors such as: sports, education, food, health and environment are highlighted as the company's priorities.


Awzan Poetry Forum 2015

Areej Vegetable oils and derivatives SAOC have supported and sponsored the annual forum of "Awzan for poem and traditional culture". The event supports the creativity of youth and competition and gives them the opportunity to develop themselves. The poetry forum was held in Millennium Resort Hall stage for three days from 20 to 23 April 2015 with media coverage and presence from different countries.


Al Mar'a Excellence Awards

Areej Vegetable oils and derivatives SAOC have presents Al Mar'a Excellence Awards for 2014. The awards recognize and encourage Omani women who have reached challenging positions in different areas like business, governments, industry, education and other relevant fields in Oman. The award ceremony was held in Intel continental Gardens, Muscat in 27th October 2014.


Food Safety Week

AVOD has participated in Food safety week organized by ministry of Regional Municipalities & Water Resources in cooperation with the concerned Ministries and government agencies from 6-8 April 2015. The events of food safety week was under the theme of "Food Safety is Everyone's Responsibility". The events brought Oman's food industry leaders, food safety professionals, food distributors, consumers and other relevant sector professionals all together, and topics of growing concerns over food safety and quality, foster cooperation and collaboration between government and food business operations in order to improve food safety practices in the country and consumer enhancement awareness in relation to food safety and health. In addition, the exhibition that offered the companies to show their newest products.


Azzan Bin Qais International School Charity's Day

AVOD have participated in a charity day that Azzan Bin Qais students arrange. The charity event is a good opportunity where different companies corporate and raising money for a charitable organizations. It was held at the school premises on Thursday 2nd April 2015.


Football Talent Competition

AVOD is sponsoring football talent competition which is organized by one of the leading football magazine in different Omani cities. The competition brings to gather the talent discovering and strengthening the role of the community in football as one of the cooperation things in the society. Football talent competition aims to discover the football talents in Omani youth and support them to develop football talents and give the Oman football teams the chance to adopting them.


Oman Educational Portal

AVOD participates in supporting the educational portal of the ministry of education as part of origin Oman - the domestic campaign that promote Oman - made products. The portal brings the students, parents and teachers all together in one area for information exchanging and news.