Message from the CEO


Over the last three decades, AVOD has been committed to manufacturing products that consistently meet national and international standards and customer's needs.

Our journey has progressed with determination, devotion to quality and an emphasis on innovation. From rigorous inspection of ingredients and testing practices, expert blending to innovative packaging, we always strive to offer our customers something new and healthy.

We believe that companies are comprised of people and the quality of a product or a technology depends on the people behind it. At AVOD, quality and purity of the products through the effectiveness of our quality management systems, and compliance with customer and regulatory requirements are the personal responsibility of every employee.Thus, we always strive to utilize the creative potential of our human resources, motivate and train them to perform better and adopt a team approach to accomplish our goals.

At AVOD, the consumer is at the core of everything we do.  Thanks to today's dynamic global markets the consumer is continuously evolving and becoming more quality and health conscious while making a choice. This resonates with our belief as well and has helped us build a loyal customer base that trusts the long-term value our products offer in terms of quality and health and wellness. Our products have helped us facilitate the growth of communities that believe in ‘balance of life’ and are no longer willing to compromise on health and overall wellbeing.

Our guiding principle of “eat right and live well” has not only won us various awards and recognition but has also enabled to create long-term value for society as a whole.

Salem Al Bortmany
Chief Executive Officer